Thunderrun2 is OVER

24 May

Dom receiving an award for Thunderrun2A message from Dom….
Well after 216 miles not quite in the direction I intended, I finally finished the run at about 2.40 on Saturday at Sammy’s bar Teddington.

Nearly 8 ½ Marathons in 7 days!

I actually had to stagger the last 20 miles as my left knee decided for some unknown reason not to work..Along with my Back, Achilles , leg muscles etc etc.
Thanks to everyone who came along and made it a great day (and thanks to Andy Shaw of Wisetiger who kept me company the last days, he’s in the background of the photo).
Overall it was a great experience (not fun I might add) but in hindsight I really should of learnt how to read directions properly.

Please help me raise £10K

So far we’ve raise over £5500 (nearly £7000 with Gift Aid) but there is still a lot of time to donate and try and get it nearer to the £10k mark.
I don’t think there will be a Thunderrun3 more likely a Thundernap or something similar. Anyway thanks again..keep spreading the word and if you want to donate go to

The Finish Line

21 May

Final leg of the journey map

image courtesy of Google maps

Final leg of the journey

We’re on route to the finish line in London (Teddington).  I’m  joining Dom to support him on the last 30 mile leg of his run which will end at Sammy’s Bar & Grill. What a great place to end a 210 mile run. Beer is, after all, considered to be a great recovery drink.

Andy S

Come down

Please continue to pledge sponsorship through JustGiving (on the right).  Why not come down to cheer Dom over the line.
We’re aiming to be there for 2:30pm:
Sammy’s American Bar & Grill
172 High Street, Teddington, Middlesex TW11 8HU
020 8977 5001 ‎

The end in sight

20 May

Map showing dom's run so far

image courtesy of Google maps

It’s day 6

As we speak Dom is completing the penultimate leg in his epic run.  Thunderrun2 – The Beatles to the Rolling Stones was inspired because Dom’s father came from Liverpool and Dom lives in London.  One of the Charities that Dom is raising money for this week  is the Royal Berkshire Cancer Centre who has been “magnificently” treating Dom’s dad for cancer recently (as well as many others).

180 miles, £4,590 and counting

Dom’s running this 210 mile epic run in the hope of raising £5000 to be split across 4 charities.  He’s managed to raise £4,590 so far.  Please pledge some money to support these wonderful charities and to support Dom in completing he outstanding mental and physical challenge.  Please use the donation button to the right of this blog.


19 May

Dom in front of Cook Hotel

Another update from Dom….

Well  I finally got here

A very tough today as it was 35miles and quite hot.  As you can see I’m standing on front of the aptly named hotel. It probably would have been better if it said “complete and utter #%#%”

Marathon Man

I think it’s now 6 marathons in 5 days. Any way more of a thunder crawl today.

…..keep them donations coming!

Lost in Lichfield

18 May

A run update from Dom.

Day 3 was tough

mainly due to the fact I’m an idiot! Everything was going great from when I left Stone (although i didn’t sleep that well as the bed was very a stone if you forgive the pun) to about Lichfield then it all went horribly wrong.

Google Maps

I didn’t look at my google directions and just followed the road signs to Tamworth. As a result I got stuck on a ring road them the A5 then the A38 leading to the M6 then back to the A5..spent most of my time trying to stay on the verge or flood drain, nearly gave in,nearly cried everytime I saw a sign for Tamworth but in the end got here..hopefully tomorrow will be less eventful.I think I ran 36-38 miles as it tool me over 7 hrs.. Dont forget to spread the word and get as much money raised as possible!


The middle milestone is in sight

17 May

Dominic after day 2A message from Dom:

Lost but still managing to smile

Well this is me after day 2. While I may look human you can tell you it took me 20 mins to stand. I got lost on day one when just 5 miles from the end and ran an extra 5 miles maybe a result couldn’t get out of bed this am.

I think thunderruns could be like childbirth..the pains terrible but 2 years on you want to go through it again! Anyway will nearly be halfway by end of tomorrow as I try to get to Tamworth

Keep spreading the word! Dom x

He’s still got a sense of humour then ;-) – Andy S

64 miles in 2 days

16 May

Dominic's route day 1 and 2

Image courtesy of Google

It’s the End of day 2 and Dom has covered 64 miles in 2 days.  That’s more like 2.5 marathons so far. he covered 37 miles on day 1.  Thats’ an amazing 10 miles more than a marathon. This left Dom with a mere marathon for day 2.


Dom’s currently holed up in Stone (see the map) to rest and recover before another 29 miles planned for tomorrow. He has nothing other than his trainers and a mobile enabled with a twitter account for company.  Follow Dom and send him words of encouragement on twitter.

Aches,  pains and success secrets

After the epic 37 mile run on the first day Dom had to put of climbing the steps to his hotel room. He told me about a newly discovered success secret (shuh) – Macdonalds tea and donuts.  That must now become every endurance runners staple energy food.  :-)

Please spread the word and keep donuting!!!  Doh, I mean donating ;-)

Andy S

And he’s off!!

15 May

Thunderrun2 start - Dom at the The Cavern ClubDom started out Early from the birth place of The Beatles, The Cavern Club.  Dom’s aiming to raise 5,000 for 4 charities (see mountains page) but running 210 miles, which is the equivalent of 8 marathons, in only 7 days.

Please pledge your support

Please use the Just Giving donation button on the right to help Dom reach his target.  He has already collected pledges for nearly £4,000  so only £1,000 more to raise during this week while Dom continues his runs down to London from Liverpool.

Please come back to this blog to keep updated with his progress.